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Beginning July 1st, 2022, please add 10% to the total order amount for items ordered from this page.

ScrollSander Sanding Belts
ScrollSander sanding belts easily smooth the edges of scroll saw projects in wood, plastic, metal, and composites. These durable, fabric backed belts have molded polycarbonate ends for attaching to most scroll saws that take 5" blades. ScrollSander belts rapidly
remove bumps, burns, and feathering, and correct wandering from a cutting line. They also work great on curves, concave or convex edges, and can reach into intersections.
ScrollSander belts come with pin and plain ends in 1/4" and 1/2" widths in a choice of 80, 120, 180 and 220 grits. Mount Scroll Sander belts as easily as a blade. Remount with opposite side up to extend the life of ScrollSanders.

Fits most 5" scroll saws (Craftsman, Delta, DeWalt, Excalibur, Ryobi), but modifications may be required to throat insert or table opening depending upon width of sander used.
Be sure to check your table/ throat plate opening before purchasing sanders. DeWalt & Excalibur Scroll. Saws only accept the 1/4" sanders unless you drill the table hole larger.
Dremel 1670, 1671 & 1680: use pin end sanders. Remove nub of plastic at gate to fit into clamp, if necessary.
Delta: use side mount, cut table insert to fit sander, or remove table insert.
Ryobi SC 160: use pin end sanders. Ryobi SC 162, 162VS & 165: use plain end sanders only.
Hegner: use pin end sanders. Does not fit RBI, Reliant, or Moto-Shop.
Plain end sanders fit most conversion kits for mounting blades with plain ends on pin end saws.


Pin end shown


1/4" wide


Part No.

Pin End

Assorted: 180, 220
and (2) 120
SC91212BL 120
SC91218BL 180
SC91222BL 220
Plain End

Assorted: 180, 220
and (2) 120
SC92212BL 120
SC92218BL 180
SC92222BL 220


Cost: $6.99 / 4-pack


Plain end shown

1/2" wide

Part No.

Pin End

80, 120, 180, 220
SC91508BL 80
SC91512BL 120
SC91518BL 180
SC91522BL 220
Plain End

80, 120, 180, 220
SC92508BL 80
SC92512BL 120
SC92518BL 180
SC92522BL 220



Fret Lite

Sometimes it is difficult to see when threading a blade up through a small pilot hole when fret sawing. The Fret Lite mounts under the saw table and shines light up through a hole (you drill) and makes this task much easier.

Olson Fret Lite

On Sale Now
Cost: $19.95 $9.99


Indexed Saw Blade Holder



12 plastic tubes with plastic plug covers keep your scroll saw blades organized where you can find them. The plastic base organizes the tubes so that you can see what's in them at all times. No more mixing and hunting; a place for every blade.



Saw blade holder


On Sale Now
$24.95 $20.75
(Blades not included)

Extra Storage Tubes

Cost: $6.00 Doz.



FCG On/Off Foot Switch 5 AMP


Momentary On. Complete with 18" cord with receptacle plug and 6' cord with 3-prong plug. For use with flexible shaft machines to sustain only full speed in operation. Also for use with scroll saws, drill presses, or other stationary power tools that the user wants to turn on and off without using the manual switch. Rated for 115V or 230V, HP, 5 amp max. motors.
Cost: $26.00


Plastic Lettering Guides


Cost: $14.95


Standard Blade Holder Set

If you are using our Retrofit Kit on your scroll saw, then you are using this style of lower blade holder.

For use with:

15" Scroll Saws
Penn State Grizzley Delta Jet AMT True Value Central Machinery Foremost Buffalo United Value Craft Powermatic And many other imported brand name scroll saws!


16" Scroll Saws
Sears Models 23611 & 23612
Ryobi Model SC 160
Dremel Models 1671 & 1695
Northern Hydraulics Model SS16
AMT Models 4601 & 4602
Reliant Models DD66 & DD67

20" V.S. Scroll Saws
Jet Model JSS20VS Tradesman 8370 AMT 5220 Central Machinery



Cost: $12.95 per set.

Scroll Saw Blade Installation Fixture

Scroll Saw Blade Installation Fixture Fits 15" and 16" Scroll Saws.

The Scroll Saw Blade Installation Fixture was designed to hold a standard blade holder, while the Sawyer installed and tightened a standard pinless scroll saw blade.

Cost: $12.95


Important: Please write down the item info and the price before going to the Order Form.

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